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Vacation Homes Uniquely Wright

Vacation Homes Uniquely Wright

Wright Waimea, HI home

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a home designed by American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright? The best-known homes might be out of reach for most of us (Wright’s Cooke House in Virginia Beach is on the market for about $3M). But there are plenty of now-so-well known homes designed by the prolific architect that are now vacation rental homes. They might be uniquely “Wright” for your vacation, or at least a nightly rental.

It seems like it would be amazing to spend a night or even a vacation in a home designed by the iconic American architect. In his design treatment, Wright recognized and respected the natural beauty specific to a location. From the East Coast to Hawaii, Wright’s homes touch the landscape with his unique design sense of integration. He wove the natural beauty of each location into the design of the structure, creating what appears to be a unity between nature and home. The effect of his work is truly remarkable.

Wright Vacation Rental Homes

In an article recently published by Curbed, it is suggested that vacationers add some architecture to their vacation. Of course there are some fairly weighty price tags associated with a getaway like this, including a $450 cleaning fee for one-time housekeeping during a 7-day stay. But there are certain aesthetic perks that probably outweigh the hefty price. It should be noted that Laundry facilities and detergents are provided in the home for guests to use. Additional housekeeping services can be purchased for a fee.

Again, it’s about architecture and aesthetics. Wright’s organic architectural design principles allow natural light into the homes by virtue of skylights and panoramic windows that also invite natural ventilation.

In the September 1, 2016 article written for Curbed, author Megan Barber offers a list of 11 vacation rental homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

11 Frank Lloyd Wright homes that you can rent right now

As one of America’s most prolific and renowned architects, Frank Lloyd Wright is best known for buildings like Fallingwater, Taliesin West, and the Hollyhock House. But hundreds of lesser-known homes are still standing. If you can’t afford to buy a Wright home—like this lakefront residence currently on the market for $2.75M in Virginia Beach—don’t despair. A growing number of the illustrious architect’s homes are available for nightly rentals.

With an emphasis on simplicity, natural beauty, and integration into the surrounding landscape, Wright’s homes offer up the perfect vacation retreat. From a Montana cabin built in 1906 to a stunning Hawaiian residence originally designed in 1954, we’ve rounded up 11 Frank Lloyd Wright homes you can rent right now. Read the full article…

Vacation Rental Home Decorating Ideas

Vacation Rental Home Decorating Ideas

Videos from other homeowners can be helpful, especially when you need home decorating ideas for a vacation rental home.

The video from Grig Stamate is short and packed full of good ideas. Hope you enjoy!

So many good home decorating ideas for vacation rental homes. Come back to this post to revisit the video as often as you like.

Tips For Buying Second Homes and Other Investment Properties

Tips For Buying Second Homes and Other Investment Properties

When buying investment property, would you consider a vacation rental home to be a good choice?  Yes, when you have reliable home property management services in place. Consider the following tips we found from Forbes

Three Things That Make A Great Real Estate Investment



You need to make some smart choices upfront when buying investment property.

Pays a Fair Cash-on-Cash Return
You need to pro forma your deals and buy cash flow-positive properties that earn you decent returns – not those prize properties that are negative.

Isn’t Too Risky an Investment
All real estate is extremely high risk
if you want to own real estate, consider simply taking fee simple title in your own name – or an entity you wholly own – to the properties you purchase. In addition, you must do the proper due diligence, analyze, test, review reports, etc., to make a lower risk real estate decision.

Doesn’t Require a Lot of Time or Managing
You can earn more but some properties just require way too much time and management to make them smart investments. Examples include vacation rentals, low quality properties in bad areas, college rentals, etc. Nice boring properties rented for as long as possible to decent credit profile tenants seem to take the least time to manage.

You need to do some hard work, research, read up, and make smart, educated decisions to acquire the best real estate investments!

A reliable home manager is a professional who understands how important your investment is to you, and is committed to maintaining your property’s value. One of the best tips for buying vacation homes as investment properties is to have the home property management services in place to save you time, to help maximize your return on investment and to minimize risk.
What are your concerns? Perhaps they can be alleviated by dependable home property management services.
The “Kitchenless” House: A Concept for the 21st Century

The “Kitchenless” House: A Concept for the 21st Century

Architect Anna Puigjaner imagines a future in which housing is suited to the needs of its inhabitants. Sometimes that happens to mean no

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An architect has taken on a project with a new concept for the 21st Century lifestyle – a “kitchenless” house. The idea of a home without a kitchen counters traditional home design that has been aligned with the traditional role of women. However, with the increase of personal chefs delivering wholesome, fresh food to the dinner table, a “kitchenless” house might be the next big trend – especially for vacation rental homes.

BP Podcast 183: Achieving Financial Independence Through Rental Properties with Sarah Pritchett

BP Podcast 183: Achieving Financial Independence Through Rental Properties with Sarah Pritchett

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Sarah Pritchett talks about how she managed real estate investing to find financial freedom.