investment Home’s Big Hollywood Story

investment Home’s Big Hollywood Story

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The story of  how a child star made a huge profit reads like a slow moving Hollywood script – until you get to the big ending! In 1969, 11-year old “Brady Bunch” child star, Eve Plumb, invested $55,300 into the purchase of a Malibu beach house. Plumb played middle child, Jan, in the family sitcom from 1969-1974. Over the years, the 600 square-foot Malibu vacation rental home, probably considered a good deal, was occasionally used by Plumb and her family.

The initial 1969 investment probably translates to about $362,609.78 in today’s currency value. Although preliminary remodel plans were drawn, the investment property was never renovated. Over the years the house mostly just sat vacant, except for the occasional vacation rental or family vacation use.

Vacation Rental Home’s Big Ending

Then the big finale for Plumb was the decision to sell the vacation rental home and in doing so she made more than 10 times her original investment! Last month, the original $55,300, or $362,609.78 in today’s currency value, was sold for $3.9 million. The details can be found in the article written in click to read the article.

‘Brady Bunch’ Star Sells Malibu Home for Massive Profit

by David K. Li, published on August 18, 2016,

Here’s a story, of a lovely lady—who made a bunch of money selling her Malibu beach house.

Former child star Eve Plumb, who played Jan on the “Brady Bunch,” pocketed $3.9 million by selling the house that she bought for just $55,300 as an 11-year-old in 1969, according to real-estate records.

The buying power of $55,300 in 1969 is worth about $362,609.78 in today’s economy, according to the Consumer Price Index, meaning Plumb got more than 10 times her original investment.

The cozy five-room, 600-square-foot cottage off the Pacific Coast Highway comes with a stretch of private shoreline in secluded Escondido Beach.

The house—where Mom always said you shouldn’t play ball inside, unless Joe Namath drops by—was originally listed for $4.15 million four months ago. Plumb’s real-estate agents insisted, though, that the final $3.9 million figure isn’t a disappointment…click to read the article.

This Vacation Rental Home’s Big Hollywood Story was no disappointment for Eve Plumb and her family. It shows how time, the virtue of patience, and just enough upkeep (not renovation) for investment property can yield a massive profit from an original purchase!

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