Thanksgiving Trivia Fun

Thanksgiving Trivia Fun

Instead of talking politics at your Thanksgiving table this year, why not have some fun with Thanksgiving trivia?

Try asking these questions with your friends and family and see how the discussion develops. The answers are below the list of questions. Have fun!

Thanksgiving Trivia Fun Questions

1.) Which country did the pilgrims come from?

2.) What was the name of the ship, which carried the pilgrims?

3.) How many passengers were onboard?

4.) How many days were the pilgrims aboard the Mayflower?

5.) Where did the pilgrims first land?

6.) Where was the Ship carrying the pilgrims supposed to land?

7.) The Mayflower was not a passenger ship. What was it?

8.) When was the first thanksgiving?

9.) How many pilgrims attended the Thanksgiving feast?

10.) What was the name of the tribe which helped the pilgrims?

11.) During which month is Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada?

12.) Which countries cultures gave us the cornucopia?

Thanksgiving Trivia Fun Answers

1.) England

2.) Mayflower

3.) 102

4.) 66, the ship left on the 6th of September, 1620.

5.) Plymouth

6.) The mouth of the Hudson – The ship was blown off course. It was supposed to sail to the colony of Jamestown.

7.) A cargo ship.

8.) 1621 – the pilgrims had arrived the year before.

9.) 53, two died at sea and 47 died from scurvy, most all of the pilgrims were men.

10.) Wampanoag, also known as the Pakanoket.

11.) October, on the second Monday of the month.

12.) Ancient Rome and Greece, the horn of plenty is sometimes associated with Hercules.

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